PSO2 Neon Nights 歌詞


Lights up now, come show us the way

Get on, Come on, Let's get down
All again, Let's get up
Be up, to be on the run
In order, for better days
A lot to be still one
All light on neon lights
Live Tonight Stars light
Be the night, come out to fight

(Come on like the night)

Brave battle, expect a show, it's like 'ding ding' ring the bell
Pumpin' the pulse, be mean as hell

(Neon nights alive)

In that zone, no need to think
Belive yourself don't hesitate, let those things boom

Get up! Now get down!
Step up! Now step down!
Get up! Now get down!
Step up! And down!

Believe yourself, don't hesitate
Let those things boom

It's the time for Bravery
Walls to break down, Bashfully
Sometimes one must need to be
More than all one things to be
Find that extra something
Deep down there, that something
beat the norm, to change the world
It's down to heart, all in the end
Drop back zone, find the key
One to open up the lock you need
Feed the mind, any way or how
Build up, build it up, strong enough to beat all the hard
Keen enough to sneak past the guards, wise enough to see through the cards
Imagination, the joker card

These are the times we're saving for

Neon lights up now, come show us the way
Let it brighten up and take us all, away
Awaaaay, from all that stands in our way
Isn't it more than we dreamed
Isn't it more than we imagined it to be
Isn't it more than all we believe

(Neon lights light up our way)
(Neon lights light up our way)

keep wrecking the blues, with the bright lights
More cuts in the wound
Just like the mood
But we can't mind
it's always good, good to be good, bad to be bad
It's a fun life
Fall Sometimes, many a time
So blurry, the lines
No dispute, none are true
Many up stays, to not lie
Deep in the bull, mission to do
Much more in real life
many are new, we're gonna do
All things in high light
So bring that light of destiny
In due time, shinin' be

Let it go, all that you have inside
Just let it go
And let us show
Know of the world, what we're made of
So let's go
This is the time for all
To sieze this moment forever, now
The time is now to be

Even if it's only, just an illusion
Even if it's just, a spot of Alone for long
Let's be here
And be as we wanna
There is none to fear
We're as one, and one to be here

Things are not all as it seems
Still to the better now we must go
One for the other one single fault
All together how we must go
None can go just on its own
One for anoter and all for all
Find a way and let it know
These are the times we're savin' for

These are the times we're savin' for

This right now we're savin'for

These are the times we're savin' for
Neon lights come bright the night
All of this, we're savin' for, all of this, we're savin' for